Auto Insurance

We Help You Reach Your Destination with Peace of Mind

It’s difficult to go a day without seeing an advertisement for automotive insurance. There are a vast array of insurance companies with policies that target people in every possible situation. Choosing the right policy without extensive background in auto insurance policy is nothing short of daunting. The professional auto insurance agents at Hillegass, Wilson and Cowan, Inc., are here to help. We promise to help you find a policy that covers what you need without requiring you to pay for coverage you don’t. We work with many insurance companies to find the best rates for our clients in Neptune Beach, FL, and surrounding areas. Contact us for a fast, painless auto insurance quote or to schedule a consultation about your policy today.

Getting Started: Evaluating Your Needs

Our insurance brokers will ask you pointed questions during your consultation to determine what auto insurance coverage makes sense for your life and your budget. We will look at what type of vehicle you have – we offer coverage for cars, trucks and motorcyles. If your family owns more than one vehicle, we can create a multi automobile plan and save you money.

Our certified agents will also look at your driving history and any marks on your record. Even if you have a less-than-perfect record, we can compare pricing to still find you a competitive monthly rate. We provide insurance for high-risk drivers and can help you facilitate SR-22 insurance.

Once we know what type of auto and client we’re working with, it’s time to choose a policy that works for you. The two major categories of auto insurance are full coverage and liability insurance.

Liability Only Insurance

Called liability or liability only insurance, this type of auto insurance protects you financially when you cause an accident or harm to a person or his property. You are required to carry liability insurance on your vehicle if you plan to operate it at all or even carry a valid registration. Liability insurance pays to repair or replace property damage to another driver or person’s property, up to your policy limit, in an accident for which you are at fault. It also covers medical expenses, personal injury and other financial obligations that arise from an accident caused by your vehicle. Last and not least, it covers legal fees you may acquire if you are sued or charged with a crime as a result of an accident. The certified agents at Hillegass, Wilson and Cowan, Inc., can help you choose a policy that will give you peace of mind and protect you from potentially astronomical expenses.

Full Coverage Insurance

Full coverage insurance is required on all leased vehicles and all vehicles that you pay for through a loan. Full coverage auto insurance pays for damage to another person or vehicle like liability insurance, and it pays for damage to yourself or your vehicle up to your limits. If you own a car with any value, full coverage insurance can help protecting you from a total loss should you get into an accident. Full coverage insurance protects you even if you are in an accident caused by a driver with no insurance. Our insurance agents’ expertise is key in choosing the right full coverage policy. We will look at different coverage limit combinations to find a great deal with an affordable monthly payment.

Get Protected and Get on the Road Today

Contact Hillegass, Wilson and Cowan, Inc., today to start a quote for your auto insurance needs. Our certified insurance agents are here for you not only when you get a quote, but throughout the life of your policy. When the unforeseen happens, our agents are here to guide you through the process of making a claim and getting you back to life. If you live in Neptune Beach, FL, or the surrounding areas, schedule some time to speak with us about your auto insurance policy.