General Liability Insurance

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If you own a business, you are by nature at risk of claims from others for bodily injury, property damage and personal injury. General liability insurance is a generalized term for commercial insurance that protects you from claims against your business from others. Hillegass, Wilson and Cowan, Inc., is a locally owned insurance agency serving clients in Atlantic Beach, FL, and surrounding areas. We offer general liability insurance and a full breadth of commercial insurance coverage to keep your business soundly protected. See what it means to have the peace of mind knowing your business is protected at a great rate by contacting us today.

Necessary Protection for Your Business

General liability insurance, along with property insurance, is one of the most common types of commercial insurance. While property insurance protects business property after a loss, general liability insurance protects business finances when the company’s product, premises or personnel cause harm to an outsider’s property or person. General liability insurance is legally required for most of our business clients.

What’s Covered?

The cost and coverage for your general liability coverage depend upon a few factors. Our insurance agents will as you about:

  • Your business storefront or office space
  • Any other property your business owns
  • Any types of service you provide, whether on or off site
  • Any products you sell, what they are used for and other specifics
  • Your employees and the type of work each does

Types of General Liability Claims

There are two functions that your general liability insurance will serve.

The first is to protect you from financial responsibility, up to your policy limit, for injury or property damage that results on your work premises or from the fault of your employees. Known as premises or operations coverage, this type of commercial liability covers a huge number of accidents. If a customer is at your storefront and injures him or herself by falling, touching something sharp, bumping into something or any other number of imaginable possibilities, you can be held liable. This liability can include not only medical expenses, but also payment for lost work time and personal injury claims. In the same vein, damage to another person’s property, including their car, electronics and any other imaginable items, may be deemed your financial responsibility without general liability insurance.

The second type of general liability coverage protects you from financial responsibility for damage that results from the product or services that you have already completed. Even if a person has not purchased your product or service, you can still be held liable if they result in an injury or damage to property.

There is a third type of liability to consider, which is specific to businesses who deal online, like many in of our clients in Atlantic Beach do. Cyber liability insurance is designed to protect you from financial responsibility if your clients’ information is captured or used after being obtained through a hacker. Cyber insurance protects you from financial claims resulting from a failure in your online security.

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At Hillegass, Wilson and Cowan, Inc., we know the ins and outs of the many insurance companies with which we work. After evaluating your business needs, we can cater a general liability insurance plan that completes your commercial insurance coverage and keeps you safe. We work with clients in Atlantic Beach and surrounding areas and deliver no-nonsense quotes with competitive rates. Contact Hillegass, Wilson and Cowan, Inc., today with any questions you have and get started protecting your business.